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Audit program management

International standards, legal regulations or good practices can be defined separately as audit criteria. Compliance requirement items can be defined for each audit framework. Inspection programs that include more than one inspection can be created. Audit can be carried out with internal audit, supplier audit, independent audit finding tracking and risk control matrices.

Audit planning, opinion management

The selection of business units to be audited is carried out. The audit purpose, scope criteria and issues excluded from the scope are determined. The audit team is determined. Audit schedule can be created and plan reconciliation can be managed. Audit question list selection and question lists can be made available to the auditor and the auditee. Before the field audit, answers to audit questions may be requested from the relevant parties being audited. Audit question lists and the questions in the list can be managed.

Performing audits, reporting and tracking findings

Answering audit questions can be performed. Audit findings can be created. The audit report can be created based on the audit details and distributed via the application. The reconciliation process of audit findings can be carried out through the application. In management system audits, depending on the type of finding, corrective action, observation, elimination activity and improvement activity and action definition can be carried out through the application.

Step by step management

Step 01
Step 03
Step 02
Determine your audit program

Determine your audit program structure. You can customiz related to your audit program. For every audit framework, a compliance requirement clauses can be defined.

Plan your audit

Select the organizational units that will be included in the audit. Determine your audit team.

Complete the audit.

Complete your audit with the help of our software. Get the insights. Assign the actions related to your report and monitor them. Continiously improve.

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