Mitigate risks, maintain sustainability

We provide the opportunity to manage all of your enterprise risks in accordance with your organizational structure and criteria.

Decision Support

Biggest problems that are faced with in risk assessment, are because of making a person dependant risk assessment when making risk decisions. Enterprise risk management software has a methodology that minimizes possible relativity by a two-leveled risk assesment structure that gives opinion and makes decisions. Thus, by collecting opinions from related units before risk decision is made, provides opportunity for making right risk decision and choosing risks that will stand out.

Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Navigate through dashboards that risks can be monitored completely and this monitoring could be done in all organization levels.

Advanced Notification System

Notification and warning system is advanced, and along with that has a manageable alert feature. Notifications can be configurated as turning into e-mails or warnings.

Step by step management

Step 01
Step 03
Step 02
Define the risk

The first step is to define the potential risks that your organization may face. This can include risks related to financial, operational, legal, or strategic factors. To identify these risks, you can conduct a risk assessment and gather input from various stakeholders within your organization.

Determine Actions

The next step is to determine the appropriate actions to mitigate or manage them. This can include implementing control measures, developing contingency plans, or transferring the risk through insurance or contracts. It is important to involve key decision-makers and stakeholders in this process to ensure that all potential risks are adequately addressed.

Review the Risk Periodically

Enterprise Risk Management is an ongoing process, and it is important to review and reassess risks periodically. This allows you to stay updated on any changes in the risk landscape and adjust your risk management strategies accordingly. It is also crucial to monitor the effectiveness of your risk management actions and make any necessary improvements or adjustments.

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